January 17, 2009

Stop another Hiroshima in Gaza!

Protest demonstration in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome
On January 11 in gathering dusk, 100 workers and students rallied in front of the A-Bomb Dome in Hiroshima to denounce Israeli invasion on Gaza. They raised their angry voices, shouting, "Stop Israeli invasion in Gaza" "Stop war of aggression by the united power of workers" "Prevent another Hiroshima in Gaza" "Stop the war by general strike" "Workers of the world, unite!"

 The participants were: activists of Hiroshima Coordinating Center of Labor Unions, people belonging to the second and third generations of the atomic bomb survivors, members of the Hiroshima branch of National Association of Women's Democratic Club, workers supporting Palestinian people, and many foreigners working in Hiroshima. Among the participants there were also a lot of people who have long been engaged in the struggle against Iraq war. They all expressed fierce anger against Israeli troops and confirmed determination to continue anti-war struggle in solidarity with Palestinian people.

A powerful demonstration was staged through downtown in the evening, attracting attention of passers-by, some of whom, young workers, joined the demonstrators. It proves that the street is filled with workers' anger against dismissal and war. It reflects the current situation of workplaces.

All the participants feel a strong bond with Palestinian workers who are now being massacred in Gaza. We in Japan are losing jobs as a result of slashing of irregularly employed workers. Neo-liberalism is our common enemy in Japan and in Palestine. Let's develop anti-war struggle against US imperialist bloody attempt to defend dollar. Workers have enough power to prevent their attack. United power of workers can stop war. We, participants of the protest rally, call on everyone to revive militant labor union in workplace and to rise up for a general strike in the coming spring labor offensive.