July 30, 2018

Stop Constitutional Revision and Nuclear Armament!

Stop Constitutional Revision and Nuclear Armament!

73rd Atomic Bombing Anniversary Rallies in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Never Again! Never allow nuclear armament and war! -- The anti-war anti-nuclear anniversary rallies in Hiroshima on August 6 and in Nagasaki on August 9 have been carving this oath deeply into the Japanese working class and people. It has been a power to prevent the revision of the "Peace Constitution," war, nuclear armament of the Self-Defense Forces. The 73rd anniversary rallies in Hiroshima and Nagasaki are head-on confrontation with the Abe administration who plans to win the 3rd victory in the Liberal Democratic Party's presidential election in September declaring revision of the Constitution so that it can submit its draft constitution to the extraordinary session of the Diet after revision of the National Referendum Act.

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October 16, 2015

Report and Statement on Zengakuren's September Struggle against the War Legislation of the Abe administration

Report and Statement on Zengakuren's September Struggle against the War Legislation of the Abe administration
September 28th
Marxist Student League-Chukaku

The steamrolling of the security bills by the government can never repress the strong resolution of the huge numbers of people opposed to war. We are faced not with "the start of a dark period". On the contrary, we are ready for a fresh struggle, armed with the rich experiences and lessons obtained through our struggle against the security bills.

Firstly, we fully recognize how deep people's anger against war runs. There is no room for compromise between workers and the government on this point. It is a life-and-death struggle and the only path for a future lies in overthrowing Abe. Tens of thousands of demonstrators were firmly determined even to rush into the Diet building to stop the desperate warmongering of the government.

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September 4, 2015

Crush catastrophic attempt to justify Japanese military aggression and colonial domination!

Abe’s Statement on 70th WWII Anniversary

Crush catastrophic attempt to justify Japanese military aggression and colonial domination!

Stop the War Legislation in the name of “Proactive Contribution to Peace”!

August, 24 2015

Japan Revolutionary Communist League National Committee


Abes’s attempt is defeated by the struggle of working class and people

First of all, Abe’s Statement has been fully exposed as a total failure of his policy to promote revision of the Japanese Constitution and rush to the war legislation, a policy of “Departure from the Post-war Regime”

Even before assuming office in September 2012, Abe had openly and repeatedly persisted on right-wing papers “the necessity of a total review of the previous statements of prime ministers on WWII”. He even declared arrogantly: “Call me right-wing militarist if you will”


From that time on he has been endeavoring to sweep away once and for all the previous governmental views on WWII, which, according to Abe, are based on the historical standpoint forced upon Japan by the victorious powers of WWII. The primary intention of the Statement is to justify the 15 years’ war of aggression on Asia and the Pacific area, starting from “the Manchurian Incident” in 1931, as “righteous wars of Japanese self-defense and for Asian liberation”. For the Japanese imperialism to reappear on the world stage as “a nation capable of waging war”, it is absolutely necessary to carry out this sort of outrageous distortion of history and to “Departure from the Post-war Regime”.


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January 31, 2015

Appeal to the people of the Middle East, Europe and all over the world

Appeal to the people of the Middle East, Europe and all over the world
Let’s Turn the Global Economic Crisis and War into Revolution!

Stop Japanese Imperialist Participation in war in the Middle East and the world war!

Overthrow the Abe Administration by International Workers’ Solidarity!

Rise up for January 26 Emergency Action to rush-to-war parliament session!

Japan Revolutionary Communist League National Committee

January 25, 2015

On January 20, the armed organization, “Islamic State”, published a warning by video on internet that two Japanese hostages would be executed if Japanese government fails to pay a ransom amounting $200 million within 72 hours. This publication took place at the very moment when Abe, Japanese imperialist Prime Minister, was visiting Middle East countries, including Egypt and Israel, accompanied by 46 bosses of big business, banks, commercial companies and general contractors. The video declaration issued by the IS referred to the proposal of Abe to offer a sum of $200 million to the military operation for the destruction of the IS and that this fund would be spent for the airstrike to kill women and children, destroy houses of Muslims and also to train the troops of the “Coalition”.

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March 13, 2011

Stop all nuclear power plants immediately! Urgent Appeal

Stop all nuclear power plants immediately!

Let’s fight against neo-liberalism! No War, No Mass Unemployment, no negligence of local regions!

March 13, 2011

Urgent Appeal on the East Japan Huge Earthquake of JRCL-NC

  The working people are severely suffering from a horrible disaster caused by the East Japan Huge Earthquake. It is no simple natural disaster but human-made. The unprecedented terrifying accident of Fukushima nuclear power plants incurred by the earthquake typically illustrates this fact. Immediately after the outbreak of the earthquake, the cooling system of the nuclear reactor stopped functioning. It made it inevitable for the reactor to have fuel rods broken and a large amount of radiation released. Actually the reactors could not be cooled any longer and the temperature of the reactors kept mounting even after the stoppage of the reactors, resulting finally meltdown of the radioactive cores, the worst outcome. We are confronting a horrible accident surpassing in its serious character the Three Mile Island Accident in the US and Chernobyl Accident in the former USSR.

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April 11, 2010

New Year's Appeal of JRCL/Politburo

New Year’s Appeal of JRCL/Politburo

January 1, 2010

Let’s win a victory of the Struggle of National Railway Workers in 2010 and march forward to World Proletarian Revolution!

Stop overall outsourcing of inspection and repair work of Japan Railway!
Withdraw dismissal of 1047 dismissed railway workers!
  Down with the Administration of Democratic Party and Rengo (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) of unemployment and war!
  Build up Marxist Workers’ Youth League among workers of major four industrial branches headed by national railway!


Preface (translation below)
[I] The struggle in 2009 has opened up a victorious age of working class        
[II] Turn the Economic Global Crisis, War and a large-scale unemployment into world revolution (translation below)
[III] Let’s put into practice the Draft Programme of JRCL and develop its statements
[IV] For a victory of the national railway struggle! Forward for a political confrontation against the Democratic-Rengo administration!
[V] Now is the time we construct a powerful party in working class to win revolution


 The time has come we overthrow capitalism. Our urgent task is to rush for proletarian world revolution in 21st century, crushing capitalism, or imperialism in death agony, including all enemy forces, in their attempt of survival, by the unity of working class.
  As the global economic crisis aggravates day by day, unprecedented capitalist offensive of a large-scale discharge and wage-cuts is raging over workers all over the world. A tremendous number of workers are thrown out on the street one after another, being deprived of foods, houses and even a hope for future. On the other hand, capitalists are desperately engaged in a pursuit for their profit and are driving the whole society into ruin through their shameless avarice. What a corruption! This is capitalism and capitalism at its final stage. We cannot let capitalist rule over us any longer. Anger of working class is mounting to its extent.
Bourgeoisie in the whole world is fiercely seeking its way of survival through putting all burden on working class and wide layers of people on the one hand, capitalists are conducting violent competition over the re-division of the world and rushing for escalation of wars of aggression. In the intensifying global economic crisis, working people of the whole world are faced with a decisive alternative: whether to be driven into imperialist war or to carry out proletarian world revolution. 
 Working class cannot liberate itself unless it fundamentally overturns and crushes the whole system of capitalism with its ideology which forces wage slavery on workers. The emancipation of working class brings an end to the long history of class society with its exploitation and abolishes every kind of discrimination and oppression, in a word, universal and total emancipation of human beings. Class unity of working class and its ever-widening development, which is achieved through the efforts of overcoming division and split among working people under capitalist domination, will enable this historic task. We need now to revive all over the world this thought of self-emancipation of working class, a central core of Marxism. 
  JRCL held last autumn the 25th General Meeting of its National Committee and adopted a draft programme for the victory of the 21st century revolution (refer to our web site). The year 2010 will be the first year for us JRCL to carry out a struggle to turn the global economic crisis into revolution. We call on all comrades of JRCL, who have been fighting as active members of working class and as its most trained vanguard, to rise up now for the struggle of overthrowing Japanese imperialism, the weakest link of world imperialist chain, at the forefront of the world proletariat.

The major strategic pillar is to crash the administration of Democratic Party (DP) and Rengo (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) and to achieve an explosive development of the struggle of 4 major industries (Railway, Post, Prefectural and Municipal Workers and Education) rallying around the struggle of national railway workers. The collapse of the post-war ruling system dominated by Liberal Democratic Party and the appearance of the new administration by DP Ozawa-Hatoyama signify a total failure of the domination of Japanese imperialism over working class for decades and a beginning of a naked confrontation of two antagonistic classes, namely capitalist class and working class. In a word, Japan has plunged into an age of civil war. The DP administration is very fragile in its political character barely sustained by incorporating Rengo, major labor national center. It is destined to go bankrupt and an uncompromising confrontation with working class is inevitable.  

  If we succeed in winning the confrontation between revolution and counter-revolution and in strengthening militant labor unions and establishing a workers’ party as pivotal axis of organizing proletarian revolution, angry and energy of 60 million Japanese workers, especially 20 million young workers, would be fully liberated. The time has come the revolutionary force grasp the initiative of the whole class struggle and rush for the overthrowing of the existing system. Every thing depends upon whether we win a historical victory of the struggle of national railway workers this spring. 
  Comrades of Marxist Workers’ Youth League (MWYL) and Marxist Students’ League (MSL)! Let’s stand up at the forefront of the struggle and open up a golden age of MWYL, gathering all angry voices of young workers. Let’s march for Japanese proletarian revolution!

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December 1, 2009

"Violence Punishment Law" crushed. A Stunning Victory Against the May 27 Repression on the National Railway Workers

“Violence Punishment Law” crushed

A Stunning Victory Against the May 27 Repression on the National Railway Workers!

At the trial of the May 27 repression case, the accused railway union activists won a historical victory. The charge of the violation of “the Violence Punishment Law” (Law Concerning Punishment of Physical Violence and Others of 1926) against the dissident national railway unionists was turned down. The Tokyo District Court (10th Department of Criminal Trial, chaired by UEMURA Minoru) ruled that accused brother MUKOYAMA Kazumitsu is not guilty, and fined the other 6 accused, unionists of National Railway Workers Union (NRU). The prosecutor’s demand for imprisonment (ranging from one year to one and a half year for each accused) was rejected. The intention of the Japan Railway Companies to dismiss the accused railway workers when they are convicted was totally crushed. The Tokyo District Court was unable to apply “the Violence Punishment Law”, which was legislated to annihilate labor unions and labor movement, to the May 27 case and could not prove “conspiracy”. It’s a great victory!

This is an achievement of the unflinching struggle of the accused and the defense counsel. To consolidate the labor unity, the accused workers had made a resolute decision to resolve the previous defense counsel who did not agree with the accused unionists on the way of carrying out struggle in the court. The accused national railway workers were confident to fight class trial based on unity of working class. The recent success of the November 1st National Workers’ Rally also contributed to this victory in the court. The last resort of the judge was to apply the criminal law on act of violence to this case and fined brother TOMITA Masuyuki ¥600,000, brothers HABIRO Hiroshi and AZUMA Gen ¥400,000 and brothers TACHIBANA Hideo, HARADA Ryuji and KOIZUMI Shin ¥200,000.
The accused have immediately decided to appeal to the High Court.

In the evening after the judgment, a meeting was held to report on the trial in Bunkyo-Ward Public Hall in Tokyo. All the participants were glad to know that the state power attempt of convicting the militant national railway workers by the “the Violence Punishment Law” was crushed and they confirmed their firm determination to continue fighting against the repression on militant unionists and to overthrow corrupt union headquarters of Japan National Railway Workers’ Union (NRU, Kokuro).

Brother Tomita, head of the team of the accused, declared, “We are now ready to take a full responsibility for the struggle of 1047 dismissed national railway workers. Let’s become mainstream of national railway labor movement. Today we make a fresh start for that!”

The national railway struggle faces now a decisive moment with the following crucial theme: “Withdraw the dismissal of 1047 national railway workers!” “Stop outsourcing of inspection and reparation” “Down with Japan Railway System”

Let’s fight all-out struggle together with the team of the accused who is resolved to win a final victory in their struggle!

Let’s win a victory in the trial of militant Hosei University students! Release 8 students from the jail!

Let’s fight together in unity!

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November 28, 2009

A Short History of Japan Revolutionary Communist League-National Committee (JRCL-NC)

A Short History of Japan Revolutionary Communist League-National Committee (JRCL-NC)



Sixth National Conference of Japan Communist Party (JCP)



USSR 20th Congress of the Communist Party criticizes Stalin



Hungarian revolution



Founding of Japan Revolutionary Communist League (JRCL)



Founding of Communist League (CL)



Second split of JRCL: criticism of dogmatization of Trotskyism (dispute over entrism), Founding of the Japan Revolutionary Communist League-National Committee (JRCL-NC): “Proletarian world revolution against imperialism, against Stalinism”









Publication of the national organ paper of JRCL-NC, Zenshin (“Forward”)



Founding of Marxist Student League (MSL), playing an important role in Ampo struggle (struggle against Japan-US Security Treaty) together with CL



Marxist Workers’ Youth League (MWYL) founded.



Revolutionary wing of CL joins JRCL



1st National Congress of JRCL-NC



USSR’s resumption of nuclear bomb testing; JCP supports USSR’s nuclear testing.



JRCL’s struggle against nuclear bomb testing of the USA and the USSR



Third National Committee Meeting of JRCL: resolutions on “defense and creation of militant labor movement”, “construction of regional committees of JRCL” and “revolutionary united front”, “creation of workers’ party in place of JSP and JCP,” thus establishing the underlying stand point of Doro-Chiba, and resulting in dropping-off of Kakumaru-faction (Kuroda, Matsuzaki and others), who feared practice of militant labor movement



Struggle against the visit of a US nuclear submarine



Struggle against the Japan Korea Treaty



Sohyo, the then main stream national trade union center under influence of the Japan Socialist Party (JSP), founds Anti-War Youth Committees (AWYC) in the youth sections of its affiliate labor unions; JCRL-NC and MWYL extend their influence among young workers in the AWYCs



Third Convention of JRCL: Programmatic Recognition of Today – “Beginning of the fundamental shaking of the post-war world system of imperialism and Stalinism” “Historical bankruptcy of Stalinism” “System crisis of Japanese imperialism” “Proletarian world revolution against imperialism and Stalinism”


February -July

Struggle against expansion of Tachikawa US air base in Sunagawa area


October 8

Haneda Struggle against Prime minister Sato’s visit to Vietnam: “Seven months of great upsurge” launched, including Haneda, Sasebo (against a US nuclear carrier), Sanrizuka (against the construction of Narita Airport), Oji (against US field hospital in Tokyo)


October 21

Shinjuku Struggle against US jet fuel transportation (Anti-Riot Law invoked)



Tokyo University Struggle (Occupation of Yasuda Auditorium); a series of nationwide campus struggles (Nihon University etc.)



Okinawa Struggle (Anti-Subversive Activity Law invoked, arrests of HONDA Nobuyoshi, general secretary of JRCL, and other comrades)


October -November

The First November Battle”, an elementary form of armed struggle with slogans: “Take back Okinawa! Crush Japan-US Security Treaty! Down with Japanese Imperialism.”



Students organization and youth sections of labor unions, including public sector unions and many unions in the key industries rose up.



Ampo (Japan-US Security Treaty) Struggle: mass mobilization by revolutionary left wing forces surpassing JSP and Japan Communist Party (JCP) and Sohyo,



Militant Chinese activist group (in Japan) criticize JRCL for inadequacy of solidarity actions and strategy with Asian people; JRCL’s self-criticism



Sanrizuka Struggle against farmland expropriation for Narita Airport construction for military use



The Second November Battle” against ratification of Okinawa Return Treaty (Anti-Subversive Activity Law invoked for the second time)


November 14

Shibuya Riot: comrade HOSHINO Fumiaki later arrested and detained in prison for 35 years in alleged charge for killing a policeman


December 4

Two students of Chukaku (MSL) assassinated by Kakumaru: Dual confrontation against the state power and Kakumaru begins



JRCL turns offensive against Kakumaru


March 14

Comrade Honda assassinated by Kakumaru; JRCL formulates “Preemptive Strategy of Civil War” and launch revenge offensive against Kakumaru



District Chiba of Doro (now Doro-Chiba) fights against jet fuel transportation to Narita Airport



District Chiba becomes Doro-Chiba as a result of separation from Doro National dominated by Kakumaru



Fifth Convention of JRCL, Advance to the second phase of the “Preemptive Strategy” for overall development of National Railway Struggle and Sanrizuka Struggle



Sanrizuka Struggle against airport construction in the second period



Strike of Doro-Chiba against the Division and Privatization of Japan National Railways (JNR)


November 29

Chukaku students fight Asakusa-bashi Battle (attack on a JNR station) to support Doro-Chiba



Rocket was launched to protest Summit Talks taking place in Geihin-kan (guesthouse) in the midst of Tokyo; Police declaration of “annihilation of radicals, especially of JRCL”



October Challenge”, a series of attacks on political targets to fight back state power repression on JRCL



Comrade HASEGAWA Hidenori elected as Metropolitan Parliament member from Suginami Ward



Sanrizuka/Emperor Struggle



JRCL formulates “May Theses” to “develop labor union activities



Publication of a “Series of Marxist Essential Literature Textbooks” begins



19th National Committee Meeting of JRCL



20thNational Committee Meeting of JRCL; Chair SHIMIZU Takeo and General Secretary AMADA Mikio elected and publicly announced



Annual November Workers’ Rally started to promote a formation of a new current of militant labor movement under the auspice of three militant labor unions, including Doro-Chiba



Sixth National Convention of JRCL: Declaration of a victory over counter-revolutionary Kakumaru and its head KURODA



New Guiding Line formulated to promote activities in labor unions



Marxist Workers’ Youth League re-started



Party Revolution” launched by the initiative of workers’ comrades of West Japan: for the establishment of revolutionary party based on working class and workers’ struggle in labor movement (labor unions)



Party line of Class-struggle Labor Movement established



July Theses” formulated to clarify the core role of proletarian dictatorship



Shiokawa group drops out of JRCL in opposition to “Class-struggle Labor Movement” and “July Theses”



West Japan party organization of JRCL reconstructed and elects leading committee composed mainly of workers’ comrades



July San Francisco International Labor Conference



25th National Committee Meeting of JRCL: the draft program of JRCL adopted






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November 12, 2009

Draft Program of JRCL is the Manifesto of the Communist Party of today

Draft Program of JRCL is the Manifesto of the Communist Party of today

(Zenshin organ paper of JRCL-NC, No.2412 October 19, 2009)

50 Years’ of Revolutionary Communist Movement

Time of a Great Leap Forward

Turn the global economic crisis into proletarian world revolution under the banner of Anti-imperialism, anti-Stalinism!

In September 1959, the editorial of the Zenshin (“Forwards”), organ paper of JRCL-National Committee, published a historical appeal, “Join us, National Committee of JRCL, under the banner of ‘Anti-Imperialism, anti-Stalinism’” by the name of late comrade HONDA Nobuyoshi, the founder of JRCL. In autumn 2009, 50 years after that, JRCL adopted the Draft Program at the 25th (Enlarged) National Committee Meeting and openly declared that the Revolutionary Communist movement has entered a new stage. With this Draft Program of JRCL in our hands, let’s march forward for the proletarian world revolution.

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November 5, 2009

Crush Kakumaru=Matsuzaki's Rehabilitation Efforts!

Crush Kakumaru=Matsuzaki’s Rehabilitation Efforts!

Criminal Lie and Falsification by Totsuka

Concealing Kakumaru’s historical betrayal-their role as storm troopers of the Privatization of Japan National Railways-and of destroying the struggle of 1047 dismissed Railway Workers’

In face of the global economic crisis and mass dismissal, the struggle of 1047 dismissed national railway workers to demand their reinstatement has become an urgent agenda for all workers to be fought as a life and death battle against capital. At this precise moment, boosters of Kakumaru-Matsuzaki have emerged to pardon him openly from his historical betrayal in the Division and Privatization of Japan National Railways and even to glorify his deeds. TOTSUKA Hideo, professor emeritus of Tokyo University, recently published a booklet, titled “An Essay―Tracing the labor movement of Doro (Motive Power Workers’ Union), an interim report of the society to hear from JR-Soren (JRU)”. And in line with him, HIGUCHI Tokuzo, ex-editor in chief of the Rodo Joho (“Labor Information”) began a new move. What they are insisting is that an establishment of a “Broad United Front” including JRU is a way to rescue the 1047 workers”. Intention of MATSUZAKI Akira* is to destroy the struggle of 1047 National Railway workers for the survival of JRU and himself by the help of Totsuka and others. We shall never permit their shameless and dirty attempt. We openly denounce this move as a counter-revolutionary assault on the advance of the class struggle unionism and declare that we are determined to crush them completely. This article is the first shot against them.
*MATSIZAKI Akira is “the strongman of JRU.” He is ex-president of Doro, ex-president of JR-East Union (the main affiliate of JRU). His is also the vice-president of Kakumaru.

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