October 27, 2008

Appeal of JRCL to the Working Class of the World

Appeal of JRCL to the Working Class of the World

World revolutionary situation is ripe as global financial crisis erupts. Let's fight, taking back Marxism--the thought of self-emancipation of working class! 

                                                 Japan Revolutionary Communist League -National Committee
 Japanese 한국어

● The collapse of capitalism, imperialism, has entered a decisive stage. It is high time to accomplish proletarian world revolution.

A worldwide financial crisis far surpassing the Great Depression in 1929 has erupted. Imperialism at its final period has, in the last decades, carried on its neo-liberal agenda of deregulation and privatization practicing the capitalist law of the jungle to its full extent. A handful of bourgeois have thus earned an astronomical profit through exploiting working class brutally, imposing extremely heavy work, dismantling social welfare system and driving all working people into unbearable poverty. The full-scale practice of the neo-liberal agenda finally ended in a disintegration of the whole economic and social system of capitalism in its core.

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October 13, 2008

International World Teachers Day in Tokyo and Osaka

On October 6, in solidarity with worldwide actions in International World Teachers Day, Japanese education workers stood up for rallies in Tokyo and Osaka. In Tokyo, a rally was held at 18.00 17:00 in the evening in front of the building of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office with 150 participants including education workers of Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture, workers of other sectors and their supporters.

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