April 11, 2010

New Year's Appeal of JRCL/Politburo

New Year’s Appeal of JRCL/Politburo

January 1, 2010

Let’s win a victory of the Struggle of National Railway Workers in 2010 and march forward to World Proletarian Revolution!

Stop overall outsourcing of inspection and repair work of Japan Railway!
Withdraw dismissal of 1047 dismissed railway workers!
  Down with the Administration of Democratic Party and Rengo (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) of unemployment and war!
  Build up Marxist Workers’ Youth League among workers of major four industrial branches headed by national railway!


Preface (translation below)
[I] The struggle in 2009 has opened up a victorious age of working class        
[II] Turn the Economic Global Crisis, War and a large-scale unemployment into world revolution (translation below)
[III] Let’s put into practice the Draft Programme of JRCL and develop its statements
[IV] For a victory of the national railway struggle! Forward for a political confrontation against the Democratic-Rengo administration!
[V] Now is the time we construct a powerful party in working class to win revolution


 The time has come we overthrow capitalism. Our urgent task is to rush for proletarian world revolution in 21st century, crushing capitalism, or imperialism in death agony, including all enemy forces, in their attempt of survival, by the unity of working class.
  As the global economic crisis aggravates day by day, unprecedented capitalist offensive of a large-scale discharge and wage-cuts is raging over workers all over the world. A tremendous number of workers are thrown out on the street one after another, being deprived of foods, houses and even a hope for future. On the other hand, capitalists are desperately engaged in a pursuit for their profit and are driving the whole society into ruin through their shameless avarice. What a corruption! This is capitalism and capitalism at its final stage. We cannot let capitalist rule over us any longer. Anger of working class is mounting to its extent.
Bourgeoisie in the whole world is fiercely seeking its way of survival through putting all burden on working class and wide layers of people on the one hand, capitalists are conducting violent competition over the re-division of the world and rushing for escalation of wars of aggression. In the intensifying global economic crisis, working people of the whole world are faced with a decisive alternative: whether to be driven into imperialist war or to carry out proletarian world revolution. 
 Working class cannot liberate itself unless it fundamentally overturns and crushes the whole system of capitalism with its ideology which forces wage slavery on workers. The emancipation of working class brings an end to the long history of class society with its exploitation and abolishes every kind of discrimination and oppression, in a word, universal and total emancipation of human beings. Class unity of working class and its ever-widening development, which is achieved through the efforts of overcoming division and split among working people under capitalist domination, will enable this historic task. We need now to revive all over the world this thought of self-emancipation of working class, a central core of Marxism. 
  JRCL held last autumn the 25th General Meeting of its National Committee and adopted a draft programme for the victory of the 21st century revolution (refer to our web site). The year 2010 will be the first year for us JRCL to carry out a struggle to turn the global economic crisis into revolution. We call on all comrades of JRCL, who have been fighting as active members of working class and as its most trained vanguard, to rise up now for the struggle of overthrowing Japanese imperialism, the weakest link of world imperialist chain, at the forefront of the world proletariat.

The major strategic pillar is to crash the administration of Democratic Party (DP) and Rengo (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) and to achieve an explosive development of the struggle of 4 major industries (Railway, Post, Prefectural and Municipal Workers and Education) rallying around the struggle of national railway workers. The collapse of the post-war ruling system dominated by Liberal Democratic Party and the appearance of the new administration by DP Ozawa-Hatoyama signify a total failure of the domination of Japanese imperialism over working class for decades and a beginning of a naked confrontation of two antagonistic classes, namely capitalist class and working class. In a word, Japan has plunged into an age of civil war. The DP administration is very fragile in its political character barely sustained by incorporating Rengo, major labor national center. It is destined to go bankrupt and an uncompromising confrontation with working class is inevitable.  

  If we succeed in winning the confrontation between revolution and counter-revolution and in strengthening militant labor unions and establishing a workers’ party as pivotal axis of organizing proletarian revolution, angry and energy of 60 million Japanese workers, especially 20 million young workers, would be fully liberated. The time has come the revolutionary force grasp the initiative of the whole class struggle and rush for the overthrowing of the existing system. Every thing depends upon whether we win a historical victory of the struggle of national railway workers this spring. 
  Comrades of Marxist Workers’ Youth League (MWYL) and Marxist Students’ League (MSL)! Let’s stand up at the forefront of the struggle and open up a golden age of MWYL, gathering all angry voices of young workers. Let’s march for Japanese proletarian revolution!

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