March 13, 2011

Stop all nuclear power plants immediately! Urgent Appeal

Stop all nuclear power plants immediately!

Let’s fight against neo-liberalism! No War, No Mass Unemployment, no negligence of local regions!

March 13, 2011

Urgent Appeal on the East Japan Huge Earthquake of JRCL-NC

  The working people are severely suffering from a horrible disaster caused by the East Japan Huge Earthquake. It is no simple natural disaster but human-made. The unprecedented terrifying accident of Fukushima nuclear power plants incurred by the earthquake typically illustrates this fact. Immediately after the outbreak of the earthquake, the cooling system of the nuclear reactor stopped functioning. It made it inevitable for the reactor to have fuel rods broken and a large amount of radiation released. Actually the reactors could not be cooled any longer and the temperature of the reactors kept mounting even after the stoppage of the reactors, resulting finally meltdown of the radioactive cores, the worst outcome. We are confronting a horrible accident surpassing in its serious character the Three Mile Island Accident in the US and Chernobyl Accident in the former USSR.

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